Wasan Yousif

IB History


Knox Porter Resolution

     The Knox Porter Resolution is known as a "joint resolution" or law that officially ended the involvement of the US in WWI. It was made because the US did not end up signing the Treaty of Versailles which other countries signed to end the war. Woodrow Wilson was determined to have the Senate sign the Treaty of Versailles as it had been written, but the senate did not want to because, in their opinion, the US involvement in the League of Nations would be bad for the country because it did not protect American interests. President Wilson was determined to pass the treaty with no changes at all. Warren Harding, the US president in 1921 also opposed the participation in the League of Nations and agreed with Wilson. He did not push for the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The US needed to end the war against the central powers separately, so the Knox-Porter Resolution was signed into law by President Harding in July of 1921.