The Treaty of Sevres: Edit

The treaty was signed between the Ottoman Empire and Great Britain, France and Italy on behalf of the winning Allies. The terms of the Treaty of Sevres were harsh. The people of the Ottoman Empire were angry about the way they were treated. The Ottoman Empire, known as ‘the Sick Man of Europe’, was divided and distributed between countries. France was given Syria, Lebanon and some parts of southern Anatolia, while Britain took Iraq and Palestine. The rest of the remaining lands were independent. Greece was allowed to take Eastern Thrace and certain Aegean islands. This caused a Turkish war.

The Treaty of Lausanne: Edit

The treaty was a result of the Turkish War of Independence between the Allies of World War I and the Grand Turkish National Assembly. It was a peace treaty signed in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 24, 1923. It was registered by the League of Nations. Turkey rejected the Treaty of Sevres that was signed by the Ottoman Empire and this new treaty replaced it. Turkey got Eastern Thrace, some Aegean islands, a strip of the Syrian border, and a few small lands back. They had all the sovereign rights of the lands they owned back. This restored peace.