In 10th september 1919, Austria, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, US and the other allied powers ( Belgium, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Nicaragua, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Siam, and Yugoslavia) signed of the treaty of St Germain to fix the Austria-Hungarian empire.

The terms were, firstly, Austria hungarian empire has to be dissolved and so it did. Then Czechoslovakia was formed because of the lower Austrian territories forming a core. Thirdly the Polish republic was formed from the kingdom of Galicia and Lodermia. Fourthly, Bukvina was given to romaine. Fifth, Austria Hungary's only possession thats overseas, Tianjin, was given to China. Sixth, Austria cant join political or economic union with Germany unless League of nations agreed. And finally, The army of Austria was limited to 30,000 people

Impact was the countries unity was in question. and it was hard being a new country since they didn't know what to do. Also people were kept in an area where they dont belong and weren't allowed to identify themselves as what they were (case of Czechoslovakia) payment had to given military was limited land was taken